More Pay For Doctors


Why Doctors Should Be Paid More

 The health care system of the United States has changed over time. When it comes to paying doctors a great number of citizens think to themselves “why should we pay doctors more?” They believe doctors are paid enough with the salaries they have and if they are paid more we are only making them richer and the poor, poorer. But this is not true and according to this article posted by the Huffington Post, this is something that is highly talked about during this year’s presidential election.

After reading this article, I sat and thought about why are doctors not paid what they should be. After all, they are the unsung heroes of our nation who work hard day-in and day-out to preserve the lives of many. According to Time Magazine, family doctors and pediatricians earn between $156,000 to $158,000 yearly. For doctors that own their own practice much of this salary is going towards that practice to keep it up and running–this can be difficult. Getting insurance to pay bills can be a hassle because there is a lot of paperwork that must be completed on the doctor’s end–which majority of the time cannot be done with the assistance of staff members.

I think it is essential that we take care of the people who are taking care of us when times get rough. As technology advances and there are more and more diseases that impact our world, why should be not proved doctors with the necessary monetary support?


Ohio Calling For More Primary Care Physicians


Ohio to increase primary care doctors

There’s no surprise that there is a very high demand for primary care doctors. But the state of Ohio is taking the initiative to get more doctors in hospitals. According to the Health Resources and Services Administration, there is a 20,400 projected shortage of primary care doctors by 2020. This is a huge concern to many.

Local universities are striving to receive more doctors in their hospitals. The first step to entering the medical field is attending medical school. The Northeast Ohio Medical University does recruiting in communities where there is a great need for health care. Their strategy is that those recruits will return back to there communities and  provide health care. They are also planning to offer more training and lower costs for those recruits.

I believe this is a great strategy for the state of Ohio because primary care doctors are often overlooked and this will get those young individuals involved and exposed to the great opportunity of caring for others that is available.

Zika Effecting the Public


In recent months, there has been more light shed on the Zika virus. Zika is a mosquito-borne and now proven to be a sexually transmitted virus that can cause birth defects and neurological disorders. As this epidemic is spreading across the globe and has reached the United States, the CDC and OSHA have implemented rules that will protect employees. This covers things from training on how to protect themselves against mosquito bites to removing standing water to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

According to an article written on The Hill, House Democrats have proposed a funding bill for $2 billion for the Zika virus. If passed this funding would meet President Obama’s $1.9 billion request for emergency funding. This bill will come just in time as the summer seasons starts, which is when the Zika virus is expected to spread in the southern states.

This funding is well needed because it will allow states to have the adequate tools to prevent the spread of the virus. It will also provide funding for studying the virus and creating a vaccine that can be tested and given to the public. If the Zika virus gets worse and spreads this can be devastating  for not only the public health of the U.S. but of the world.

Climate Change linked to Public Health?


Climate Change and Public Health

As we all know, public health is a serious issue in society today. Another huge topic on the board is climate change. This includes Global Warming which is always debated but recently climate change has been linked to effecting our public health.

President Barack Obama sat down with CNN and according to him, “we’ve always known — or at least in the 20th century we’ve understood — that environment has an impact on public health.” This also comes after a roundtable discussion last April for the National Public Health Week.  According to a study done by the American Thoracic Society 7 out of 10 doctors says climate change is contributing to the health problems of patients.

One statistic that stood out to me was done by the World Health Organization. They estimate that between 2030 and 2050 there will be 250,000 deaths per year due to climate change. I think it is important for us a society to understand how the things we do daily has an effect on the environment and that in turns effects our public health. We must manage our activities carefully in order to preserve our world for the best.

Public Health Announcement: Loneliness


Loneliness linked to Heart Disease

The University of York is linking loneliness to a high risk of having heart disease. The study showed that 29% of people who don’t have relatively high social connections are at a higher risk of heart disease and 32% are at risk of having a stroke when compared to others have good social connections. This isn’t a study done to tell people to make more friends or be more outgoing but to shed light on the fact that your interactions or lack thereof can contribute to your health.

 The study examined the different ways that being “lonely” can cause such a havoc on your life. After reading the according on CNN I began to wonder could it actually be true. Does being lonely have an effect on your heart? Normally when people think of that they assume that someone doesn’t have a love life or that  they are brokenhearted. But it goes far behind that when you think of the lifestyle they are living. They could be living alone and seeing others around them happy but they don’t put forth the effort to live like that. All of the stress and over-worrying about what they don’t have or sadness that they are alone can put that toll on them which can include depression and not making healthy life choices. That could eventually end up to having certain heart diseases. This linkage between loneliness and heart disease I believe is accurate and that number can lower if we take care of ourselves and become more involved.

Happiness is Health



 There’s no doubt that everyone wants to be happy throughout their life. But can we define happiness for everyone? Some would say yes and some would disagree. There’s is also no doubt that everyone wants to be healthy throughout their life. For the most part we can define healthy for an individual. But is there a link between being happy and being healthy? Professor Laura Kubzansky, from Harvard School of Public Health seems to believe so and appears she’s not alone.

There were numerous studies done in 2012 that found a connection between happiness and lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Professor Kubzansky said, “you must be happy to prevent heart attacks” is not the ideology behind this study. It turned out to be that those who have a great lifestyle, are happy, and have a great outlook on life are more than likely to be stressed and will achieve the goals they have set forth for themselves.

I find this study interesting because when you sit back and look at the world and see those who are not happy, they tend to have a lot on their plate which builds up stress and cause a lapse in dieting, introduce high blood pressure, or cause a lack of exercising. Happiness is different for everyone and the path one takes to achieve that happiness can not be written out in a step by step basis. But there are techniques that everyone can find that is suitable for them and will make them happy.

Prepare for Medical School in High School


Medical School success starts in High School

U.S. News and World Report published an article that described how high school and become the base foundation for future success in medical school. This will allow high school students to prepare early for lifetime success and it all starts by taking difficult but appropriate classes. This can be in the form of taking Advanced Placement classes such as biology and chemistry with hopes of achieving high scores on the MCAT for admission into medical school.

Just like I did, I believe high school students with aspirations of becoming a doctor should start their research early on what courses are necessary for medical school. This will be a great time to check with their school to see if there are some classes they could register for that would set them up for success. There is nothing wrong getting a head start on something as big as medical school. This will set you a part from your peers who would be applying as well.  Get involved with the community whether it’s volunteering at a local hospital or firehouse, shadow a nurse, even visit a medical school to shadow a student to see if you will feel comfortable with what you’ll have to go through.

High school can be the foundation for success on the MCAT and medical school if you prepare properly and go down the right path. There are many paths to take towards medical school so choose what would be best for you.

Medical Scribe before Medical School?


Become a Medical Scribe before Medical School

Some people take different paths before they reach medical school. Some volunteer at nursing homes to gain some knowledge and something shadow doctors to see if the career is really for them. But according to Kathleen Franco, who is an associate dean of  admissions at Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University, thinks that it is better to become a medical scribe before heading to medical school. She believes that as a medical scribe they can see how to interact and gain trust with patients. She states that as a medical scribe you will work directly with the doctors and entering patients visits into a n electronic record.

I think this could be a good thing for some people before going to medical school because you get to follow professionals around and see first-hand how they interact with different types of patients. You can then use what you learned to shape your own persona and how you will interact with your very own future patients. This will also give you the opportunity to learn more about hospitals than your average fresh medical student would know. This is not something I imagined before reading this article but I do think it would be eye opening for many.

Public Health becoming very Popular


Public heath catches the public’s interest

Public health is becoming more and more popular and eye opening to society as time goes on. More people want to get involved in the field and be able to contribute to the future of our world. The article above said that public health is the ninth fastest growing major in the country. With that being said, The College of Nursing and Health Innovation is now offering and undergraduate track in public health starting this fall. The University of Texas at Arlington will offer a special track as part of a Bachelor of Science. There has also been a partnership with the University of North Texas Health Science Center, where student can take courses and upon graduation get a graduate certificate in public health.

This is a great opportunity, I strongly believe, because there is so much work to be done in the public health sector and we need dedicated people who want to make a difference in the world to be a part of it. Science is evolving and there will be a time that great leaders in this field will be called upon for the answers. So that fact that the public is becoming more interested in the public health is a great thing.

MCAT Completed!


I’m very passionate when it comes to things involving public health. With my plans of pursing a Masters in Public Health and attending medical school, one of the most important steps to reaching that goal is completing the MCAT test. I’m proud to say that as of April 23, 2017 I have checked the MCAT off my to-do list.  I truly do consider this a great triumph.

There was a lot of work and studying that happened prior to taking the test. My school life changed this year, my senior year, as I had to really focus hard on the MCAT test. This meant less time going out on the weekends and more time hitting the books. Going to night classes and taking multiple practice tests helped me tremendously. The scores I got on my practice tests were a reflection of all the work and hours I put into it. So with high hopes, when I get my scores back they will reflect the long days and nights I put into preparation and show how much I aspire to become a doctor.

There are a lot of resources out there for you. AAMC has resources for your preparation and general knowledge. Hard work and dedication will go a long way. Good luck to those taking it in the future!